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Alexander Technique

During my work as a medical Doctor in various hospital departments, I became aware of the frequency of patients presenting with chronic pain who gained only partial or short-term benefits from medication, surgery or exercises.

I was interested in finding an approach that led to long-term improvements in patient’s symptoms, less reliance on medication and taught patients to be self reliant.

With the Alexander Technique, I found a unique approach that looks at HOW a person is moving their body while doing activities in every day life. Even in simple activities such as sitting, standing and walking, people have distinct patterns of movement, learnt unconsciously over their lifetime.

These movement habits have often led to an imbalance of muscle tension, with some areas being overworked and tight and other areas being lax and weak. Individual traditional exercises do not address this overall imbalance.

Improving posture in the Alexander Technique is not about ‘pulling the shoulders back and standing up straight’. Instead, improving posture in the Alexander Technique involves lengthening and strengthening muscles so that balance is restored between the front and back of the body and across individual joints. This leads to a reduction in pain and tension and increased resilience against injury.

Learning how to move with greater poise and ease is beneficial to everyone.

The Alexander Technique is frequently taught to people with:

  • Chronic pain  - particularly back, neck and shoulder pain.
  • Repetitive strain injury / occupational overuse injury
  • Performance and Voice work

Lesson information:

Lessons are of 1hour duration.

During each lesson we explore habitual movement patterns and specific instructions are given to develop new movement patterns, which are also to be practiced at home.

Lessons continue to build up skills but on average 8 – 10 lessons are necessary for changing habitual movement patterns.

For bookings or further information:

Contact Balwyn Medical Hub reception on 03 9039 2149

Ruth Clarnette

Dr. Ruth Clarnette

MBBS (Lon)

Adv. Dip. Alexander Technique studies

Certified Alexander Teacher