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The Low Carb Clinic

We use the latest evidence-based approach to weight loss and Type-2 Diabetes reversal to help you regain health and vitality with a personalised, cutting-edge and medically supervised diet program.

Learning how to incorporate these changes into your life takes time and practice. We know that learning to be healthier is a journey, and we will be there to support you at every stage through:

  1. A plan tailored to your needs- Everyone we see has a unique experience, and we believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.  We believe you always achieve the best results with a tailor made treatment plan, based on your lifestyle, food preferences, work schedule and medical history.
  2. Working as one team: Our doctor and dietitian work directly together as your dedicated clinical team, so you will see a high level of coordination in our care for you. With your consent, we will also communicate with your regular GP and specialists to ensure the highest level of continuity in your ongoing care.
  3. Being here for you: We believe support is critical towards achieving your goals. Our dietitian will check in with you regularly and give you support to make sure you’re not left on your own and re-adjust your plan.
  4. A focus on Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity and related conditions: Our doctor and dietitian team have wealth of expertise in using low-carbohydrate diets to address a range of health concerns. Your treatment may even address other secondary conditions such as reflux, headaches, acne and joint pain through your plan.

Low Carb Clinic

If you are concerned about Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity or related conditions, please do not hesitate to come in and see us at The Low Carb Clinic for the highest level of care and support from your dedicated doctor and dietitian team.