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Alpha Hearing

Audiologist Balwyn

Alpha Hearing is one of Melbourne’s leading independent and locally owned hearing care providers. Audiologists Michael Wong and Eugene Chang are caring and passionate practitioners who provide a complete range of products and services that will improve your hearing health and wellbeing. They are committed to creating a healthcare experience where partnership, expertise and purpose come together.

At Alpha Hearing, we understand how hearing works.

We are experts in the science of hearing and the treatment of hearing loss. Our audiologists are registered members of Audiology Australia with current Certificates of Clinical Practice (CCP). This means you can be assured of an advanced, competent and high quality hearing care service.

Our motto “We hear you” defines our approach to customer care and business. We share a genuine passion for helping you experience the joys of hearing. We believe hearing care should be uplifting, leaving you feeling satisfied and confident.

High quality, professional hearing care should be accessible to everyone.

If you value being listened to, respected and well informed, welcome to Alpha Hearing.

We hear you!

Michael Wong Michael obtained his Post Graduate Degree in Audiology at the University of Melbourne. He has worked as both a clinical audiologist and a consultant audiologist across Australia and overseas in countries such as Thailand and Vanuatu. Michael is a member of Audiology Australia where he holds a Certificate of Clinical Practice and the Australian College of Audiology.

Michael has a track record in aural rehabilitation. He actively partners with organisations to ensure the development and delivery of accessible, high quality hearing care. As a Founder of Alpha Hearing, Michael drives innovation in the local industry, advocates for Australian audiology and connects people to the world of sound. He has lived and worked in the local Boroondara community for over 15 years.



Eugene Chang Eugene has nearly 20 years of clinical experience, working predominantly in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. He has also been responsible for a number of regional visiting sites in country Victoria and the Gippsland region.  Eugene completed a degree with Honours in Science (Otolaryngology) and a post graduate degree in Audiology from the University of Melbourne. He is also skilled in the treatment and management of tinnitus.

Eugene is passionately committed to serving the community by enabling people to embrace life more fully through improved hearing and communication. For Eugene, being an audiologist is more than hearing tests, hearing aids and counselling. It’s about empowering and enabling people to live fuller, richer lives through the power of restored hearing.